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Embrace the future with solar power and seize the opportunity to switch to sustainable energy. With the rising popularity of residential solar panel systems, countless new solar companies have emerged. However, it’s crucial to avoid taking chances with unfamiliar companies that may lack experience. Instead, rely on Aspen Electric, a trusted industry leader with over 30 years of expertise in Fernley, Nevada. We offer comprehensive solar power installation, repair, and maintenance services, harnessing nature’s greatest renewable resource for your home. Picture solar panels adorning your roof and transforming your energy consumption.

Solar Power Systems Tailored to Your Needs

At Aspen Electric, we provide the necessary products and services to fulfill your solar energy aspirations. Our experts install solar panels for homes with varying degrees of grid dependency:

  1. Grid-Tied Solar Systems: Stay connected to the grid while reducing your dependence on it. Aspen Electric offers top-rated solar power systems featuring renowned brands like Qcells and SEG. Rest easy knowing that you’re receiving unparalleled quality.
  2. Off-Grid Solar Systems: Break free from your power company, even if your property isn’t connected to utilities. As an exclusive local provider of off-grid solar panel systems, we are prepared to facilitate your seamless transition away from the grid.

Comprehensive Support After Installation

At Aspen Electric, our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond flawless solar panel installations. Take advantage of the following services we provide:

  1. Regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.
  2. Efficient repair work when necessary.
  3. Backup battery/generator installation for uninterrupted power supply.

Take the First Step Today

Ready to embark on your solar power journey? Contact Aspen Electric now to schedule your solar power system consultation. Our experts will guide you in determining the ideal system for your Fernley, NV, home. Start harnessing the power of the sun and enjoy a greener future

“Via a recent crowdsourcing request on Facebook, a friend recommended Shawn O'Meara with Aspen Electric and Solar as the must-hire guy to handle my electrical needs. Simply put, Shawn was amazing!”

Josh C.
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“We live completely off grid and after 15 years had been having problems with one of our inverters causing us to lose power in half of our house. Aspen Electric put together a package for us with new inverters and batteries. They came out, installed everything and even reconfigured our solar panels all in one day. Our whole power system is now rejuvenated! The whole crew was wonderful! We can’t say enough about Aspen Electric. Contact them if you want someone who truly knows their stuff!”

- Jack F.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Shawn. He was a refreshing wind of competence and integrity at the end of a long bad experience with shoddy subcontracted electric work. I hired electricians back in April to install solar panels and batteries in my home. They had to return multiple times to "correct" failed inspections by the city and NVE, leaving circuits unlabeled and switches jammed into the wrong spots. Shawn walked in and within a few seconds told me what it would take to finish, acquired all the parts, and was done right on time the same day. Everything was professionally and precisely done. He's booked out for weeks and I can see why. I will only work with him so long as he's available.”

- Arif B.

“Via a recent crowdsourcing request on Facebook, a friend recommended Shawn O'Meara with Aspen Electric and Solar as the must-hire guy to handle my electrical needs. Simply put, Shawn was amazing!”

- Josh C.
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