Installing Off-Grid Solar Systems in Reno & Sparks, NV

off grid solar panels sparks nv

For many people interested in solar panel installation, increasing their independence from the power grid is a key factor in their decision to make the switch. And for those who wish to completely cut their ties with the power grid, off-grid solar systems are the solution. Aspen Electric is the only local company installing these power systems throughout Reno and Sparks, Nevada, and we look forward to helping you achieve the complete off-grid independence you desire for your home or business in the area.

What to Know Before Having a Complete Off-Grid Solar Power System Installed

Off-grid solar systems are more complex and expensive than their grid-tied counterparts because it’s necessary to have a battery storage system and backup generator. Off-grid solar installations do add thousands to upfront costs as additional equipment is required to successfully power your home 24/7. However, if your home is far enough from the power grid, the investment in solar battery storage can be less than the cost to extend the electric lines, particularly if it means crossing difficult terrain.

The sizing requirements of the solar power system also become more rigid. The panel array needs to be large enough to meet the demands of your building’s entire electrical demand in the low solar production months of wintertime. For this reason, off-grid systems work best for low electricity demand homes, like net-zero homes, or those willing to invest in energy efficiency retrofits.

Even when properly sized, off-grid solar clients should be prepared to handle brief periods without power. There can always be unexpected circumstances that drain through battery backups, and you have to wait for the sunlight to return to recharge. This restrictive lifestyle is also why investing in a backup gas generator is mandatory for the complete function of an off-grid solar power system.

Why Install Off-Grid Solar Panels?

For those looking for complete independence from their power company, or with a home or business in a remote location, off-grid solar systems are the place to start. When you go off the grid in Reno and Sparks, NV, you:

  • Are completely energy independent
  • Can have power no matter where you are located
  • Can reduce electricity costs

Choose Aspen Electric for Your Off-Grid Solar System Needs

We may be the exclusive off-grid solar power system installer in the area, but Aspen Electric is also a full-service company crossing the chasm between electrical and solar services for residents of Reno and Sparks, NV, and surrounding areas. Other ways in which we stand out from other local electrical companies include:

  • Our 30-plus years of experience
  • Our comprehensive solar panel services, which include a regular maintenance program not offered by other nearby companies
  • The highly trained journeymen electricians on our team that provide excellent workmanship
  • The ability of our team to handle general electrical services, as well as solar, for residential and commercial properties (including new-construction buildings)

Power your own property and avoid steep prices from large corporations. Connect with Aspen Electric today to find out if an off-grid solar system is right for your home or business in the areas of Reno and Sparks, NV.

“Via a recent crowdsourcing request on Facebook, a friend recommended Shawn O'Meara with Aspen Electric and Solar as the must-hire guy to handle my electrical needs. Simply put, Shawn was amazing!”

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“Via a recent crowdsourcing request on Facebook, a friend recommended Shawn O'Meara with Aspen Electric and Solar as the must-hire guy to handle my electrical needs. Simply put, Shawn was amazing!”

“We live completely off grid and after 15 years had been having problems with one of our inverters causing us to lose power in half of our house. Aspen Electric put together a package for us with new inverters and batteries. They came out, installed everything and even reconfigured our solar panels all in one day. Our whole power system is now rejuvenated! The whole crew was wonderful! We can’t say enough about Aspen Electric. Contact them if you want someone who truly knows their stuff!”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Shawn. He was a refreshing wind of competence and integrity at the end of a long bad experience with shoddy subcontracted electric work. I hired electricians back in April to install solar panels and batteries in my home. They had to return multiple times to "correct" failed inspections by the city and NVE, leaving circuits unlabeled and switches jammed into the wrong spots. Shawn walked in and within a few seconds told me what it would take to finish, acquired all the parts, and was done right on time the same day. Everything was professionally and precisely done. He's booked out for weeks and I can see why. I will only work with him so long as he's available.”

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