Off-Grid Solar


Install off-grid solar system in Reno & Sparks, NV

Off-grid solar systems are more complex and expensive than their grid-tied counterparts because it's necessary to have a battery storage system and backup generator. Off-grid solar installations do add thousands to upfront costs as additional equipment is required to successfully power your home 24/7. However, if your home is far enough from the power grid, then the investment in solar battery storage can be less than the cost to extend the electric lines, particularly if it means crossing difficult terrain.

The sizing requirements of the solar power system also become more rigid. The panel array needs to be large enough to meet the demands of your building's entire electrical demand in the low solar production months of wintertime. For this reason, off-grid systems work best for low electricity demand homes, like net-zero homes, or those willing to invest in energy efficiency retrofits.

Even when properly sized, off-grid solar clients should be prepared to handle brief periods without power. There can always be unexpected circumstances that drain through battery backups, and you have to wait for the sunlight to return to recharge. This restrictive lifestyle is also why investing in a backup gas generator is mandatory for the complete function of an off-grid system. Call us today to see if you can benefit from our services.

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Why install off-grid solar panels?

For those looking for complete independence from their power company, or with a home or business in a remote location, off-grid solar systems are the place to start. When you go off the grid in Reno & Sparks, NV, you:

  • Are completely energy independent
  • Can have power no matter where you are located
  • Can reduce electricity costs

Power your own property and avoid steep prices from large corporations. Connect with us today to find out if a solar electric system is right for your home or business.